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MyLaps BibTag - world class timing chip system

The BibTag timing system is the MYLAPS solution suitable for mass events with 
affordable chips and the highest read-rate in the industry.
Event Size: 2 - 500,000
Event Type: Accurate mass event timing

MYLAPS BibTags are the world’s standard in sports timing tags and require only one tag attached to the bib. BibTags are easy to use, for athletes and for race organizers.

The BibTag is attached to the back of the runner’s BIB number and sends out a unique signal. Each tag sends out a unique UHF signal that enables the detection mats to identify the athlete and record the exact time at which the athlete passes the mat. The tags are designed to withstand rain and sweat as the mechanical part of the tag is covered by a foam spacer.


The UHF timing solution with 1 tag and a thin spacer (2mm) to save on expo space and shipping costs. The MYLAPS ThinTag is unique in the sports market and uses patented technology by MYLAPS.

The MYLAPS ThinTag is a reliable UHF timing solution that reduces handling and shipping cost because of a very thin (2mm) design. The ThinTag uses a spacer that is made of spongy material that only expands when it absorbs fluids. This technology is unique in the market and patented by MYLAPS.

MultiSports Tag

The MultiSports Tag is designed and optimized for triathlons and mud runs and works with the MYLAPS BibTag timing system. The tags can be worn under a wetsuit: results are guaranteed since they have 3 integrated timing tags.

SeatPost Tag

The SeatPost Tag is the most elegant cycling tag in the industry. It’s designed to be user-friendly, accurate and according to the proven BibTag technology.

The MYLAPS SeatPost Tag is a reliable UHF timing solution that improves safety and handling time. Instead of timing with mats, the SeatPost Tag is detected by SideAntennas, which makes the road free from obstacles for timing and therefore improves the safety of the cyclists. The SeatPost Tag is easy to use, elegant and accurate.

BibTag Decoder

The decoder is attached to the mats and decodes the BibTag signals into the athletes IDs and their measured times. Portable decoders have an integrated battery and can measure up to 50 BibTag passing per second.

BibTag Detection Mats

Detection mats are placed at the start, finish and split timing locations. The mats serve as the system’s antennas and detect the signals sent out by the BibTags. We offer modular mats that allow you to create timing locations between 1 and 8 meters wide per system.


Races in remote areas, like trail runs, are gaining popularity. Arranging a proper timing setup in these areas however remains a challenge. With poor accessibility and bad internet connection, it’s difficult to get your timing gear to the split point on the mountain and time your passings.

Timing & Scoring Software

Timing a race and creating reliable results is a challenging task. We make sure your event will run smoothly with our Timing & Scoring software. Timing & Scoring is the improved successor of ToolKit and offers a complete and easy to use software package to set-up and time a race and then to create and publish reliable results.

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